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Twelve Things That Caught My Eye Today: Wisconsin Gets Religion, Deaths after George Floyd’s & More (June 5, 2020)

1. 15 People Died In the Protests And Riots Following George Floyd’s Death. Here’s Who they Are

2. Assyrian Christians fear for their future in Turkey

3. Michael Toscano: Continued Isolation Will Kill More Elderly:

Endless isolation is inhumane and deadly. It is a method of torture. A punishment inflicted upon the most depraved. It dehumanizes and is the essence of monstrosity.”

4. Christine Rousselle: Burying a loved one during a pandemic:

Depending on the diocese you live in, you may or may not have access to last rites. The hospital may push back against family members who request that you receive the sacraments one last time. Your daughter will insist on it because it is important to her. She will be overcome with relief when she is told that it happened.

5. Wisconsin officials have a change of heart after Catholic Church stands up for religious rights:

“We’re glad that Madison and Dane County came to their senses, but it shouldn’t have taken so long,” said Eric Rassbach, vice president and senior counsel at Becket. “The First Amendment protects both prayer and protest. Putting an arbitrary numerical cap on worship services while allowing thousands to protest makes no sense from a legal or public health perspective. Most other governments nationwide have already lifted their COVID-related restrictions on worship. The few remaining holdouts should take note and come into compliance with the First Amendment.”

6. Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: Who the Looting Ruins


8. Why Conservatives Should Be Leading the Civil Rights Movement

Kay James:

What we need to understand is that to point out our flaws and say, “Let’s, together, fix them” does not mean we hate America or we distrust our leaders or that we are not supportive of our institutions. And that’s why I’m so passionate about this.

I believe that we, as conservatives, have the keys to all of the issues that are so important to those people out on the streets, and we have to step up and tell them, guide them, lead them.

9. Naomi Schaefer Riley and Jim Piereson: Pandemic philanthropy and its critics

10. City Journal: Midtown, Repurposed: New York’s strained public spaces are performing a new role:

Mid-Manhattan, usually the center of wealth for a tristate region with a radius of 100 miles, is indefinitely crippled. It will be months, if not until next year, before white-collar workers crowd back onto public transportation to come to their offices, and they may do so in a permanently changed way—say, working on-site three days a week instead of five. Tourists are likely to stay away, too. Government restrictions on global travel hinder overseas visitors, and with theaters and museums still closed, there is not much to do besides walk around. But midtown’s well-designed public spaces are working. Without Times Square and Rockefeller Center, more people would crowd the parks or leave town.

11. Philos Project promotes positive Christian engagement in Near East

12. Online course, “Pro-Life Ethics in a Throwaway Culture,” offered by Charlie Camosy

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