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Twenty-Five Things That Caught My Eye Today: The Gospel of John & More (June 25, 2020)

1. I love this police officer:


3. June 2020 Trafficking In Persons Report

4. Big Porn cashes in on racism and anti-Semitism

5. Unaccompanied Children “Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

Children who escape their home countries are often in extreme danger. Turning them away flies in the face of what public health officials have said – children fleeing for their lives are at the same risk of contracting and transmitting the virus as anyone else. Deporting children does nothing to promote the eradication of COVID-19, but rather puts children in more danger and keeps families apart.

6. COVID-19 devastates Rosenberg family: ‘I have lost my mother, my father and my brother’

7. Prison Guards Who Locked Naked Inmate in Cell Filled With ‘Massive Amounts’ of Feces Got Qualified Immunity

Though the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit acknowledged that the squalid conditions in which he was kept violated Trent Taylor’s Eighth Amendment right to not suffer cruel and unusual punishment, the panel afforded the defendants protection from civil liability because no similar situation had been ruled unconstitutional under previous case law.


9. Abigail Shrier: Affirmative Abandonment: The medical establishment is betraying science in dealing with gender-dysphoric children

Proponents of puberty blockers for gender-dysphoric minors typically claim, as Turban did, that puberty blockers lower the risk of suicide among the transgender-identified. But his own data show that claim to be exaggerated. Of the 89 adult subjects who had taken puberty blockers as adolescents, 50 percent had experienced suicidality within the previous year.

10. The Atlantic: Carly Fiorina Says She Will Vote for Joe Biden

11. Lyman Stone and W. Bradford Wilcox: Empty Cradles Means a Bleaker Future

As a result, “family life,” conceived as two committed parents residing with their children, is increasingly an upper-middle-class luxury good. It is common among Americans in the top half of the economic distribution. But among the poor and working class, we are pairing off less and less, and welcoming new life into our homes less and less.


13. Bloomberg City Lab: When Child Welfare Cases Police Women in Their Homes

Some parents living in neighborhoods with historically high rates of child welfare investigations say the dramatic dip in maltreatment reports feels more like the pollution lifting — a much-needed respite from the intense and relentless surveillance of low-income moms, and especially those who are black and Latinx.


15. Louis Brown: A New Birth for American Civil Rights

Unfortunately, forces within our culture are attempting to co-opt the civil rights movement by destroying its foundation in natural law and replacing that foundation with the bankrupt culture of death. These forces hijacking the civil rights movement seek to replace the movement’s foundational belief in the God-given human dignity of every life with a pro-abortion, anti-family, and anti-faith agenda.

16. Crux: Scotland’s pubs to reopen July 15, but public Masses still in limbo


18. Timothy P. Carney: Study finds Black Lives Matter protests made nonprotesters stay home

The researchers also found no detectable spike in coronavirus cases in cities that held protests or the counties surrounding them. This doesn’t mean the protests didn’t spread the virus — it means that any spreading effect by the protests was offset by non-protesters staying at home more.”

19. The United Nations Has a Lebanon Problem

20. The New York Times: Trump Overhaul of Campus Sex Assault Rules Wins Surprising Support

21. I Think We’ve Found All The Institutions Founded By Racists And We Can Just Stop Looking For Them Now,’ Says Planned Parenthood Spokesperson Nervously

22. Abused teen thought she’d never be adopted until a mother traveled across the globe just before the pandemic

15-year-old Sony Regan: “I know people are scared to adopt older children because they think that child might hurt the parents or family or child or won’t love them and won’t fit in. Actually, I know the adopted child can make your family life better. Adopted children do love their family even when it feels hard at first.”

23. Atlantic City Journal: Buckhead congregations come together to help those with dementia

24. Great choice:

25. Your Unbelieving Friends Need More Stories Than Syllogisms


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