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Twenty-Seven Percent?

Via memorandum, the latest from Rasmussen:

27% of Republicans Would Vote for Pro-Life Third Party Instead of Giuliani

If Rudy Giuliani wins the Republican nomination and a third party campaign is backed by Christian conservative leaders, 27% of Republican voters say they’d vote for the third party option rather than Giuliani. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that a three-way race with Hillary Clinton would end up with the former First Lady getting 46% of the vote, Giuliani with 30% and the third-party option picking up 14%. In head-to-head match-ups with Clinton, Giuliani is much more competitive.

They don’t match him up with anyone specific. It would be interesting to see how pro-lifer Ron Paul would fare:

One of the most interesting possibilities floating around out there is that, after the primaries are over, Paul could offer an antiwar, pro-life, third-party alternative to either Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Clinton (in 1988 Paul ran for president as a member of the Libertarian Party). If his fundraising continues at this pace, he might be tempted to do it. Something tells me it’s a possibility the Clinton camp isn’t exactly dreading.


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