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Twenty Things That Caught My Eye Today: Coronavirus, Prayer, Song & More (March 13, 2020)

1. Syria, a country in agony, is ‘living an anticipated Lenten fast’ 

2. ‘Somebody is killed every day’: Bishop pleads for Christians to remember Ukraine

3.  A prayer for this time

4. Is your church temporarily closing? Magnificat is making their resource for daily Catholic Mass readings and prayer and reflection free online during this time.

5. The Staggering, Heartless Cruelty Toward the Elderly

6. Quarantining cities isn’t needed. But a fast, coordinated response to covid-19 is essential.

7.  Peggy Noonan:

something came to mind I’d written months after 9/11. Everyone was asking how we could have missed the signs. I remembered the words of astronaut Frank Borman when he was asked in 1967 why NASA had not been prepared for the catastrophic launchpad fire that killed three astronauts. It was “a failure of imagination,” he said. No one imagined such a thing could happen on the ground.

That’s where I think we have been the past few weeks in this epidemic, a failure of imagination.

8. An emergency fund for families whose children go to the Brilla charter schools in some of the toughest parts of NYC. 100 percent of the donations will go to the families (to help them meet essential needs). Write Emergency Family Support Fund in the dedication line on the donation form.

9. Compassion in the time of Coronavirus

10. Mayo Clinic develops test to detect COVID-19 infections

11. Quarantines have a long history in Italy, as Mark Twain found out


13. For some doctors, saving lives isn’t enough. They write poems about it, too

14. A police officer spent his lunch break sharing pizza with a homeless woman and it was captured in a heartwarming photo

What do self-quarantining times mean for those who have nowhere they call home?

15.  Pope Francis: Do not forget the poor during coronavirus pandemic

16. Coronavirus quarantine: How Catholics in Italy are helping the poor 

17. Luma Simms: People and Their Relationships

18. No Greater Love: Widow Puts Last Toilet Paper Roll In Offering Plate (Babylon Bee)

19. Deserted Italian street rings out in song as people lean out their windows to sing together during lockdown

20. On Saint Corona