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Twenty Things that Caught My Eye Today (March 31, 2020)

1. Oh goodness, God rest the soul of Hilary Teachout and console her loving husband, Terry.

2. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Thomas Carney. His daughter, Christine, was one of my dearest high-school friends. He has died of Coronavirus.

3: Coronavirus forces Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre to close its doors for first time since 1349

4. Something I wrote about Friday’s prayer service at the Vatican: How the pope put ‘truth on display’ in an empty St. Peter’s Square

5. Nurses Are the Coronavirus Heroes

(They probably always are the heroes)

6. Frightened Doctors Face Off With Hospitals Over Rules on Protective Gear

7. An Emergency Field Hospital Is Going Up In Central Park As Coronavirus Cases Surge In NYC

8. Days After a Funeral in a Georgia Town, Coronavirus ‘Hit Like a Bomb’

9. Top doctor at Rikers Island calls the jail a ‘public health disaster unfolding before our eyes’

10. Will Rahn: What Andrew Cuomo knows

11. Ubi Petrus

12. During coronavirus, Rome’s homeless find refuge near the Vatican

13. Sisters’ work during 1918 Spanish flu seen as model for crisis today

14. Site crashes as half million-plus watch England’s rededication to Mary

15. Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure

16. Bobby Schindler: Remembering Terri on the 15-Year Anniversary of Her Death 

17. Rick Warren is trying to unite the globe in prayer, too, in preparation for Easter next Monday


19. This seems like it’s happening to a lot of us – all the false securities of the world:


P.S. I have a daily spot weekdays on The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM Channel 129 and for today’s, I confess, I was a little angry. Listen here.


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