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Twenty Things That Caught My Eye Today: Modern-Day Slavery, Child Welfare & More (June 23, 2020)

1. BLM can help us free the 40 million slaves alive today, as well as condemning historical slavery

“Without detracting from the suffering, past and present, of black communities, we should not shy away from asking ourselves how it feels to see statues of slave owners pulled down if you are one of the 40 million human beings alive today who are faced with their own living, breathing, slave owners. Slave owners who may not be celebrated or recognised in statues, but benefit from a legal system that makes them almost untouchable.”

2. Turkish Air Raids Displace Iraqi Christians Again


4. Need for helping refugees is greater than ever

“Let’s not shut out compassion for neighbors in the U.S. and around the world. May empathy and understanding for those without safe places of home and refuge emerge from this mess.”

5. The Federalist: Dutch Doctor Exonerated After Euthanizing An Unwilling Patient

“The doctor’s most disconcerting justification for killing her patient, however, is not in the letter of the law so much as the attitude guiding euthanasia laws further and further into openly state-sanctioned murder: unhappiness can be a kind of “unbearable suffering,” and doctors not only have the right, but the responsibility, to end it.”

6. Henry Olsen: The anti-statue movement has taken a turn into absurdity

There is no pure past to which one can turn for intellectual sustenance if one desires a political regime dedicated to freedom and equality. Just about every pre-modern political regime was predicated upon the idea that its purported superiority justified treating outsiders over whom it ruled as if those people were not human beings.

We take a multiethnic, free state for granted, but no such thing had ever existed before modern times. That is the achievement that statues to people such as Washington and Grant honor, an achievement that makes today’s protesters possible.

7. Happiness among Americans dips to five-decade low | University of Chicago News

8. ‘A Silent Epidemic,’ Self-Harm Incidents Surging In Arizona Prisons

9. The New York Times: Under Coronavirus Lockdown, a Philippine Priest Hits the Streets

Journalists, doctors, garbage collectors and undertakers were out doing their duties” during the lockdown, [the Rev. Eduardo Vasquez] said in Caloocan city, where he works. “It’s a big knock on the Catholic Church if we don’t.

10. Religious sisters risk lives to rescue the vulnerable amid pandemic

11. Catholic Charities steps in as NYC loosens eviction restrictions

Tatiana, a professional working with adults who have developmental disabilities, told Net TV that many of her clients will not qualify for the moratorium because they did not make enough money to apply for unemployment, even though the pandemic has left them jobless.

12. Cross and graves vandalized at Catholic university cemetery

13.American School & University: Catholic school in Honolulu is closing after 60 years

“St. John the Baptist is the third Catholic school in three years to close its doors in Hawaii. Last May, Saint Francis School shut down after nearly a century. The previous May, St. Anthony School closed up shop after enrollment dwindled to 76 students. Cathedral Catholic Academy shut down in 2016.”

And now there is only one left in Hawaii.

14. Ben Domenech: Where Are Conservative Leaders In This Moment?

15. The Hidden Figures of the Church

The absence of Breonna Taylor from evangelical conversations about racial justice is indicative of a broader issue. Despite being the most religiously devout Christian demographic in the country, black women are underrepresented in almost every significant public facet of evangelical life, from black heroines in church history to black authors in Christian publishing.”

16. Because of COVID, women are postponing births but also hoping for more children in long run

17. How Should I Think About Race When Considering a Sperm Donor?

How about thinking about an anonymous, non-present father?

18. Naomi Schaefer Riley: How to Cultivate Child-Welfare Workers

CPS investigators may not think of themselves as the kind of people who are running toward the fire while everyone else is running away, but child abuse and neglect are never put on hold — not even during a global pandemic. To ensure the health and safety of our children, agencies need to hire CPS investigators who are willing to put their own safety at risk.

19. Monumental ancient Christian cross found in mountains of northern Pakistan

20. Dan Darling: Longing for Dad

21. In Praise of Libraries

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