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Twitter Tiffs


RichLowry (Rich Lowry) 

i like sharron angle & thot she’d pull it out, but lesson of NEV & DEL is that candidate quality matters–even in a big wave

kathrynlopez (Kathryn Jean Lopez) 

oh brother that writeins are ahead in alaska. not shocked. but oh brother.

HeyTammyBruce (Tammy Bruce) 

Well, well 🙂 Bachmann Won’t Commit to Boehner as Speaker

michaelbd (Michael B Dougherty) 

So how much you want to bet most of the Tea Party retreats when establishment GOP notes that they were a big drag on Senate races?

jamespoulos (James Poulos) 

@michaelbd ”big” drag? And who really wanted the Senate, and why?

jimgeraghty (Jim Geraghty) 

Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C. — you know him from YOU LIE! — won by 10. That’s a couple million well spent, Democrats.

fixfelicia (Felicia Sonmez) 

Buck’s now leading Bennet, he’s ahead by 20K+ votes

jimgeraghty (Jim Geraghty)

Stunning that two states hit hardest by unemployment & housing bubble, CA and NV, will reelect unpopular incumbent senators…

TPCarney (Timothy P Carney) 

Congrats, Dems, you keep your K-street-infested, casino-funded, PhRMA-backed majority leader. Makes my job easier.

shspruiell (Stephen Spruiell)

Here’s a positive tweet about Reid for CNN: I am very hopeful that he will continue to lead the Democrats in the Senate.

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