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The Twitter Wars: Suppression of Free Discourse

Twitter was once hailed as a key asset for the free exchange of ideas, instrumental in the protests in Iran, Tunisia, and Egypt. However, in recent days, left-wing users in America have taken to suppressing conservative accounts on Twitter. They have used Twitter’s anti-spam measures to shut down conservative voices by flagging their accounts en masse as spam. Michelle Malkin’s website,, has been tracking this story closely.

One of the main targets of the left-wing attacks has been Chris Loesch, the husband of Dana Loesch, editor-in-chief of Breitbart’s BigJournalism. His account was only reinstated this afternoon after a mass movement made #FreeChrisLoesch into a trending topic on Twitter. These attacks on Twitter have further revealed the truth that many on the Left are not interested in healthy debate for all; instead, it’s only for those who will stick to the party line.


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