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Two Arrested in NJ on Terrorism Charges

Two New Jersey men were today arrested as they attempted to board a flight bound for a Somalian terror camp. The arrests came as the result of an undercover operation spearheaded by NYPD and the FBI:

The men, Mohamed Haoud Alessa, 20, and Carlos Eduardo Almonte, 24, were to join Al Shabaab, which claims ideological kinship with Al Qaeda, and was thought to have provided a haven to Qaeda operatives wanted for bombings of United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

[. . .]

They were charged in a criminal complaint with conspiring to kill maim and kidnap people outside the United States and were expected to be arraigned in federal court in Newark on Monday, according to the officials.

The men have been under scrutiny since 2006 by the F.B.I., after agents there received a tip. Eventually an undercover officer from the New York Police Department recorded numerous meetings and conversations with them, during which they discussed their plans, according to the complaint sworn out by Samuel P. Robinson, an F.B.I. agent assigned to the Newark office.

The arrests, which were announced by the office of New Jersey United States Attorney Paul J. Fishman, along with the F.B.I., the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness and the New York Police Department, were first reported early on Sunday in The Star-Ledger.

The two men, both United States citizens — Mr. Almonte lives in Elmwood Park, N.J., and Mr. Alessa in North Bergen, N.J. — physically conditioned themselves, engaged in paintball and tactical training, saved thousands of dollars for their trip acquired military gear and apparel, according to the criminal complaint.

They talked about what they said was their obligation to wage violent jihad and at times expressed a willingness to commit acts of violence in the United States, the complaint said.

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