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Two Buckley Classics

We’ve dusted off and cracked open two big boxes here, nearly the last of WFB’s personal stash. In one carton there are about 30 copies of the updated (1968) paperback version of Bill’s monster 1959 hit, Up From Liberalism. This edition includes an Introduction by Barry Goldwater and a Foreword by John Dos Passos. In it Bill wrote: “The tendencies of liberalism are every day more visibly coercive, as the social planners seek more and more brazenly to impose their preferences upon us.” True under Ike, truer under Barry. Obama, that is.  

In the other box there are some 35 paperback copies of The Governor Listeth: A Book of Inspired Political Revelations, a big (nearly 500 pages) collection of WFB’s best columns, speeches, obituaries, and other writings from the late 1960s.

We’re offering the set of both books—still as relevant today as when they were first published—for only $19.95, which includes shipping and handling. Order direct from the NRO Store, here.

NOTE: This item has sold out.

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