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Two C-Words

In Impromptus today, after much fulminating about politics, I have an item on “Merry Christmas.” (Well, that’s political too, sad to say.) I received a typically wonderful e-mail from the brilliant Alex Bensky of Detroit:

I am a lot less irked by “Merry Christmas” than by the attempt to make Chanukah an equivalent holiday. It isn’t. It’s a minor observance that we’ve turned into something major because it happens to fall in December.

I certainly respect your customs. I have my own and don’t need to imitate yours. My parents did not emphasize Chanukah, and once when I whined, “What do we get for Chanukah?” my mother snapped, “You get to be Jewish.”

Or as David Steinberg used to say, “This year, let’s put the Christ back in ‘Christmas’ and the Ch back in ‘Chanukah.’”

P.S. I have titled this blogpost “Two C-Words,” but I well realize that “Chanukah” is an H-word too. There are almost as many spellings of Chanukah as there are of Meghan or Catherine.

P.P.S. To see my long-ago piece on the “Merry Christmas” controversy, “December’s C-Word,” go here.

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