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Two-Fifty Is Very Nifty

Double M just sent an exceptional contribution to our Webathon, $250. And with it came this groovy note:

My husband and I are attached to your erudite and conservative NR the way liberals (yes, we know some) are to NPR. In addition to the print version, we love The Corner. We love Jay, Jonah, Jim, et al . . . ! And can Kevin Williamson come to dinner at our house? One thing I am curious to know is the distribution of your readership by state. Which states have the most NR readers, and which have the highest percentage by population? I guess it basically follows a Red state/Blue state pattern. Anyway, thanks very much for keeping Faith and Reason always in the conversation! XoxMM

Mama mia Martha, we are going to assign an intern to get you that info. As for Kevin dining at your house, why not? Tell us where you live and we’ll see if we can arrange an NR Expedition to your area so you can slap a feedbag on KDW. Thanks for the generosity, which I hope will inspire some fellow NR readers to follow suit and help out — which is easily and securely done right here.


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