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Two Great Treats (One now Free!)

Now through Friday, December 11: When you order a copy of Jay Nordlinger’s wonderful collection, Here, There, and Everywhere (a great gift for the conservative who admires great writing!), we’ll send you a free copy of our special (not for sale!) memorial book on Bill Buckley — WFB, The Tribute. Not that you need convincing, but here’s why Mark Helprin recommends you get Here, There, and Everywhere:

Like all great reporters and essayists, Nordlinger seizes upon the essential details that give a story life in the present and years after. What is most striking about these essays is not their integrity, fearlessness, wit, superb craftsmanship, and the long view they reveal, but that Nordlinger is a man in full. When he writes, “For me, the personal transcends the national, historical, and political,” you know immediately how his portrait of our age has transcended contemporary affairs to read like history. And though always written in pursuit of the enduring and the true, his pieces are so dense in fact and sparkling anecdote that to read them is like opening one present after another. A good man is hard to find: You have found him.

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