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Two Hankie Movie [Spoiler Alert]

Our family movie this weekend was “Where the Red Fern Grows“. Around half an hour in I had to skip out to deal with some

work-related stuff. By that point I had got the main idea: the movie is

about country folk in the 1930s Ozarks hunting coons with dogs. (As Tom

Wolfe asked Junior Johnson on first hearing about this sport: “What kind of

dogs?” JJ: “Coon dogs, I guess.”)

Well, I came downstairs a while later. The movie was near the end, and my

family were all blubbing. Even 9-yr-old Danny, who has inherited his Dad’s

aversion to sentimentality, was blubbing. It was a regular tearfest.

Extraordinary, in this household.

What happened? I inquired. “The dogs… the poor dogs… died… OH!

It’s so SAAAAAD!”

So if you like two hankie movies, there’s your next rental right there.

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