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Two Hours of Atheism!

For your Christmas viewing: two hours of video with Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens talking atheism.

(P.S.: The discussion actually includes an endorsement of Christmas (2nd hour). Also a swipe at us mysterians (1st hour). I found the latter deeply offensive, and have opened a case file with the U.N. Human Rights Commission.)

(P.P.S.: In view of the exchanges we sometimes have about American exceptionalism, faith, and demography, and so on, I looked up how many kids these atheists have. Sam Harris is secretive about his personal life: we know he’s married, but I can’t find out if he has children. Of the others, Hitch has 3 kids, Dennett 2, and Dawkins 1. If Harris is childless, that’s an average 2.0 per atheist, which is below replacement. If Harris has 1 child, however, the average goes to 2.25 — well above replacement. And Harris is only just 40, so he has plenty of time to get the group average up to Amish-Hasidim-Mormon levels.)


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