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Two Men From Hope

Apparently Bill Clinton is not surprised by Mike Huckabee’s surge.

He was in Little Rock this weekend where he addressed graduates of the Clinton School of Public Service.  Here is what he had to say about the other man from Hope: “If you just listen to him, even though we disagree on a lot of the issues, he gives a good speech, tells a good joke and has a good sense of humor,” Clinton said. “That takes you a long way in a place like Iowa. It’s sort of ready-made for him. It’s the perfect place for him, so I’m not at all surprised he’s doing well.

“We’re from the same little town, and we grew up in a similar culture, although he’s younger than I am. … I grew up in an environment of story-telling, and so did he, and you have to learn to listen to one before you can tell one. I think it’s an enormous advantage in modern American politics to be able to tell a story, because people can identify with you,” he said.

When asked about the possibility of Huckabee vs. Hillary in the general: “Well, it would be interesting,” he said. “And the people wouldn’t be bored.”

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