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As Two More American Soldiers Are Killed in Afghanistan . . .

our savvy commander-in-chief commends himself for issuing the apology that, he tells ABC, has “calmed things down.”

There is more on the latest Islamo-mayhem at The Feed. Meantime, the ever reliable United Nations has joined the redoubtable Afghan President Hamid Karzai in expressing outrage over the killing and maiming of American troops who are risking their lives to make life better for Afghans — oops, wait a second, in demanding disciplinary action against the American soldiers who burned the holy Holy Koran. Naturally, Jan Kubis, the “Special Representative for the United Nations Secretary-General in Afghanistan,” exploited Obama’s apology in demanding that the soldiers be punished. As she pointed out, if an offense is significant enough to apologize over, there must of course be retribution in order to demonstrate that the apology was “sincere.” Nice work, Mr. President.  


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