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Two More Pointlets

1. I never thought Hillary was much for self-deprecating humor (or semi-self-deprecating humor, which is probably the best kind of self-deprecating humor) — but that line about the “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits” was very effective.

2. Did Margaret Thatcher ever go on and on about how she was a woman? Or kvetch about glass ceilings? Did Indira Gandhi? Did Golda Meir? Didn’t they all just get on with it? I thought that Mrs. Clinton’s stress on her sex was unseemly — made her seem kind of affirmative-actiony, rather than a person who stands on her own two feet.

By the way, do you know the story about Tito and Mrs. Thatcher? He said, in her presence — referring to the wife he had just fired — “Women shouldn’t meddle in politics.” Thatcher said, “As for me, I don’t meddle in politics — I am politics.”

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