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Two More Points . . .

. . . on the Republican debate Tuesday night, as if there weren’t enough in my Impromptus, here.

1) After an earlier debate, co-hosted by MSNBC, I called up a memory: In the 2008 presidential cycle, the Democrats boycotted a debate to have been hosted by Fox News. That debate had to be canceled. You see, Fox had cooties, could not be touched.

But Republicans, apparently, are happy to debate under any auspices. This week’s debate was hosted by CNN, as at least one other debate this season has been. Republicans are used to critical media. Democrats are used to having their butts kissed. They think the media exist to bash Republicans and bolster Democrats.

So . . .

2) The best line of debate commentary belonged to our own Kathryn Lopez: who wrote that Jon Huntsman had had his best debate so far. He didn’t show up.

Bravo, K-Lo. (In Italy, they’d say Brava to a woman, but we ain’t in Italy. Well, at least I’m not. And if you are, how fortunate for you.)

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