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Two Nights Ago, When We Were Young

You’ve heard of “instant reaction”? There is also less-than-instant reaction. Two days is an eon in our media now, I realize. The equivalent of commenting on 1872 in 1874. Nonetheless, I have a column up, comprising my notes on the debate. It’s titled “Late and Sour.” A truer title was never bestowed, I’m afraid.

Here’s something I did not say in my notes, my column — I meant to and forgot, frankly. (Maybe I didn’t have enough time?) I watched the debate at Republican-party headquarters in Texarkana, Ark. You won’t find a more pro-Romney, anti-Obama crowd. The room was subdued, for the hour and a half. There was a cheer or other expression of enthusiasm maybe twice.

Later, I learned that the world had thought Romney had done fine — that he had tied Obama, beaten him by a little, or lost to him by a little.

Really? Good.


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