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Two Presidents? Two Monarchs?

Just riffing off Jay’s headline to launch our 24/7 Royal Baby Watch. Thought for the day from Hale Razor:

“The British are silly to fawn over royalty.” -person wearing faded Hope shirt as Obama spends $100M for trip to Africa amidst record debt

As I wrote in the early weeks of the Duchess of Cambridge’s blessed event, the “First Family” (a concept unknown to the Constitution) now costs taxpayers more per annum than all European royal families combined. The whole lot could comfortably fit in the 40-car motorcade accompanying the Obamas to Martha’s Vineyard — which I trust will be renamed Trayvon’s Vineyard for the duration.

However, in a disturbing sign of Obama-style overmanning, the Commonwealth could end up with two monarchs. (I ran into John Bolton in the green room at Fox a while back, and he was oddly fascinated by the changes to the laws of succession.)

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