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Two Questions for Our Dartmouth Readers

A founder of Power Line, Paul Mirengoff, Dartmouth College Class of ‘71, is a candidate in the current Dartmouth elections. Paul posted these questions on Powerline yesterday. Because the questions deal with the most fundamental questions of fairness and decency, I repost them here in full:

TWO QUESTIONS FOR OUR DARTMOUTH READERSAs the election for executive positions on the Dartmouth Association of Alumni draws to a close, we on Parity Slate have received two disturbing reports. First, a few alums have said they did not receive ballots. When one of them inquired about this, the college informed him that he has been classified as “not interested” in receiving it.Second, some alumni say they have received mail from the “Dartmouth Undying” slate, but not from Dartmouth Parity. If this is true, it presumably means that our rival slate is using the official Dartmouth mailing list. Our slate does not have access to this list.To get a better handle on these concerns, I’m asking our Dartmouth readers to inform us (1) if you have not received a ballot or (2) if you have received Dartmouth Undying mail but not Dartmouth Parity mail (note that the letter sent by the trustees is not Dartmouth Undying mail even though it advocated on behalf of that slate).Our email address is



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