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Two Storeys Per Day

The indispensable Radio Free New Jersey has posted a neat video clip of a 30-storey hotel in China being built, start to finish, in just 15 days.

Having had a recent negative experience with Made in China products, I’d like to know something about the quality control processes in place. Is this one of China’s many earthquake-prone regions? And then, were peasants shooed off their land with nominal compensation to make the site available?

You still can’t help reflecting that with our mature technical expertise the U.S.A. could surely be as energetic and efficient as this, with decent quality control and without violating anyone’s property rights, if we were not cumbered with this great calciferous growth of regulation and litigation, most of it serving no-one but rent-seeking parasitic groups — unions, trial lawyers, federal bureaucrats, protectors of the snail darter, “diversity” set-asides, etc., etc.

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