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TX to Grant Massive Amnesty — to Classroom Cupcakes

Further proof that Texas is the greatest state in the union. Via a press release from the Office of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller:

On Monday, Jan. 12, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller will host a press conference declaring amnesty for cupcakes across the state of Texas.

“We want families, teachers and school districts in Texas to know the Texas Department of Agriculture has abolished all rules and guidelines that would stop a parent from bringing cupcakes to school,” said Commissioner Miller. “This act is about providing local control to our communities.”

In 2004, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) published the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy. The initial version of this policy restricted foods both sold and given away in schools based on nutritional value. However, the policy has since been repealed to allow for greater control and decision-making at the local level. Many Texas residents are unaware of the repeal, and as his first act at the helm of TDA, Commissioner Miller wants to ensure Texans are clear on the policy.

Federal guidelines still cover food sold during the day at schools that participate in the National School Lunch program. Additional restrictions are the purview of local school districts.

The Hey Cupcake! food trailer, a local Austin favorite, will be on hand for the press conference. TDA employees, members of the media and special guests are invited to enjoy a free cupcake to mark the occasion. In addition, 181 cupcakes will be delivered to state representatives and senators at the Capitol, encouraging them to share the news about cupcake amnesty with their constituents.

Added plus: 

No taxpayer dollars will be used for cupcakes.

Ah, sweet land of freedom!

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