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Why all the fuss about Michelle Obama’s appearance on the Oscar telecast? If the election had gone the other way last November, the Oscar people would have invited Ann Romney, no doubt.

Seriously, the Obamas are becoming like Bill Clinton, at least as I perceive things. Clinton was, and is, the classic “bride at every wedding, corpse at every funeral.” He must be front and center, always. The notion of a private or apolitical sphere is quaint. There must be no Clinton-free or Obama-free zone. I remember taking a long car ride through Jordan — one of the most pacific and pleasant of Middle Eastern countries. The king’s picture was everywhere. At every shack, at every kiosk. I don’t say this was sinister. No, not sinister. But still a little creepy.

One of the many, many criticisms heaped on Mitt Romney after the election was that he had gotten off the stage. He did not cling to the television cameras, begging them to film him. He had made his case to the people, and the people, in their wisdom, went for Obama-Biden, just as before. He gave a graceful, manful concession speech and left. I’m afraid that Americans may be so deep into vulgarity that they can’t recognize or appreciate a civilized man when they see one.


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