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UC Social Workers to Procure Death Doctors

As assisted suicide becomes legal in California, social workers will be used as death doctor procurers. From the UCSF patient information release:

What Steps Do I Take to Use the Act?

1. If you ask for information about the act, a UCSF social worker who is well versed in the requirements will inform you about the act, and will provide educational materials for your review, before you decide if you wish to make a request for a life-ending drug prescription…

Even if you may qualify, if your doctor does not feel comfortable using the act, your social worker will assist you in finding a doctor who has agreed to participate in the act.

Social workers used to be all about preventing suicides. Now, at UCSF, they procure some such deaths.

Question: Can UCSF social workers refuse to participate based on conscience or religious belief? I don’t know.

This much I do know: Assisted suicide corrupts all it touches.

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