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Uighurs, and Maybe Other Gitmo Jihadists, to Be Released into the U.S.?

AG Eric Holder — you probably remember him as “the right man at the right time to protect our citizens in the critical years ahead“– has indicated to reporters that some of the jihadists now detained at Guantanamo Bay will be released into the United States, evidently as a gesture to induce European and other countries to take them off our hands and resettle them among their populations. 

Militants who have had terrorist training or are affiliated with terrorist organizations are supposed to be excluded from entering our country — even when we are not in a state of war against them — under U.S. statutory law. As NR’s editors observed in October:

In the 2005 REAL ID Act, Congress explicitly provided for the exclusion from the U.S. of any alien who has received terrorist training or has belonged to an organization that promotes terrorism — against anyone. The Uighurs are ineligible on both grounds: Even if one accepts, for argument’s sake, the contention that their dispute is with Beijing, not us, they were trained by a terrorist group for the purpose of conducting operations against China.

I wonder whether the legions of Democrats and law professors who conducted an seven-year jihad against President Bush over his assertion of constitutional authority to ignore statutes that interfered with his commander-in-chief powers will rise up against this imperial president? 

Meanwhile, how’s this for Change? We’ve gone from an administration that locks up alien jihadists who’ve been trained in terror tactics in al Qaeda camps to an administration that will admit them into our country — despite their lack of any lawful immigration status and in violation of U.S. law — so they can live among us . . . just like Mohamed Atta & friends used to.

Or at least that’s what this administration does when it is not releasing, to live free and clear in other countries, terrorists like Binyam Mohammed, who plotted to commit mass-murder attacks in American cities. 

As I said a few days ago, the war is over and we lost. Obama may say we are at war, but he made a reckless promise to close Gitmo and — while he and Holder blather about how the new national security is studying how best to handle captured terrorists — the real plan is to release the terrorists we have captured and call it a day.

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