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Uk Terror Threat

Here’s an interesting piece from the Daily Telegraph on the apparent discovery of a major, and home-grown, terrorist conspiracy in the UK . Two passages stand out:

“In coming days, the liberal media will be awash with spokesmen of the Muslim community voicing a predictable mixture of self-righteousness and theological platitudes about the benign nature of their religion.”

Sound familiar?

And then there’s this:

“An implacable scepticism among those who shape public opinion towards lame excuses for terrorism would also go some way to denying the perpetrators the moral justifications they still appear to need. Finally, instead of teaching a bland, rights-focused multiculturalism, let alone atheism, under the aegis of “religion” as irrelevantly proposed by Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, our educators should think hard about their failure to inculcate our values, be they religious or secular or a combination of the two, in the minds of Britain’s very own generation of terrorists.”

That’s well said.


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