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UKIP’s Farage: Multiculturalism Creating ‘Fifth Column’ in West

In the wake of Wednesday’s massacre of twelve people at a satirical French newspaper by suspected Islamic fundamentalists, UK Independence Party head Nigel Farage warned that the obsession with fostering a multicultural society has created a “fifth column” in the West.

As leader of the UK’s fastest-growing political party, Farage has pushed a British exit from the European Union and a reform of Britain’s liberal immigration laws, which his party believes limits economic opportunity for UK citizens and threatens the nation’s social fabric — even its physical safety.

Farage told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that, following the attacks in France, “we must recognize the mistakes of the past. Let’s be absolute frank and honest about this. We now have in many European countries — dare I say it, in the USA, too — a fifth column living within our own countries. People — mercifully few in number – but people who are out to destroy our whole civilization and our way of life.”

The UKIP leader singled out “uncontrolled immigration” and “promot[ing] multiculturalism [and] division in our society” as the chief mistakes made by the West, suggesting that without assimilation attacks like the one on Wednesday will become more common.

“Going ahead from here, I think we’ve got to start being just a bit more assertive about who we are and who our values are,” Farage said. “We come from countries with Christian cultures and Christian constitutions, and it’s about time we started standing up for that.”


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