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Ukraine: Trouble Coming…

…or just the vodka speaking?

From the London Sunday Times:

“Draped in a blue pro-government flag and swigging from a vodka bottle to keep warm, Viktor Kolukh was in no mood to compromise yesterday. A hefty miner with thick, tattooed hands, he had travelled 600 miles by bus from Ukraine’s heavily industrialised east with an unmistakable message for the opposition demonstrators on the streets of Kiev. Cheered on by dozens of fellow miners gathered around a camp fire, Kolukh spat contemptuously on an orange opposition banner and trod it deep into the snow. “We want to avoid violence but the situation is very tense. It could blow up any moment,” said Kolukh, 34. “The opposition must accept that it lost the elections. We are patient but if the results are annulled and we are robbed of our victory, there will be blood on the streets.”


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