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Ukrainian Protest Leader Abducted, Says He Was Tortured and ‘Crucified’

After being abducted over a week ago, Ukrainian protest leader Dmytro Bulatov was found in a town five miles south of Kiev, caked with blood and having suffered severe injuries, the Telegraph reports. Pictures show Bulatov with a deep slash on his face, part of his ear cut off, and puncture wounds in his hands.

Bulatov went missing on January 22 when a motorcade he was in was ambushed. He was then held in darkness for eight days.

“I was crucified. All my body is covered in blood. I didn’t even see them because they kept my eyes blindfolded. They had Russian accents. I couldn’t even see because all the time I was in darkness,” Bulatov told local television.

Bulatov is a member of Automaidan, a group of car owners protesting against President Yanukovych. He would organize motorcades to drive through Kiev with opposition flags, at times blocking government buildings.

Pictures below the fold (Warning: somewhat graphic).



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