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U.N. to Obama: Man Up

I’m not sure I ever thought I’d see the day that the United Nations, the impotent folks who prompted one of Lyndon Johnson’s better quips (“The U.N. couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if you printed the instructions on the heel!”), would look tougher than the president of the United States — since a U.N. resolution authorizing force is really a U.N. resolution calling for U.S. leadership to deploy the actual force.

I’d love to try to make out that this was all the result of a brilliant reverse-psychology strategy by Obama and Hillary Clinton — show restraint and subservience to the “international community,” which then finally awakens them to the sense of responsibility the U.N.’s founders envisioned way back in the 1940s, when Churchill, among others, hoped the U.N. would intervene against tyrants like Qaddafi . . .  (one one-thousand one, one one-thousand two, one one-thousand three) . . . Nah.

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