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U.N. Votes for NK Sanctioning

A Senate response from Mitch McConnell: “The unanimous vote by the Security Council sends a strong message, not only to North Korea, but to Iran and others that the world is united against such dangerous and provocative acts. The vote was a victory for stability. The President’s leadership and John Bolton’s diplomatic expertise fostered this success and they should be commended for their insistence that the international community act, and act quickly. The President was right to call for additional, tough measures, and in his decision to have the response to this threat be a multinational response.”

UPDATE: Norm Coleman pays tribute to THE MAN: “In light of North Korea’s reckless disregard for the safety and stability of the international community, it is encouraging to see the Security Council reach common ground and impose stiff sanctions. The resolution is an important step towards holding North Korea accountable for its weapons program. Today the world spoke with one voice, and now the onus is on North Korea to act accordingly. As we move forward, it is important to recognize Ambassador Bolton for working swiftly to craft a tough resolution that could be agreed upon by this international body.”


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