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UNC Insists on ‘Equity’ Rather Than Equality

The buzzword this year in higher education is “equity.” What the people who use it mean is that the treatment of underrepresented minorities must result in equal outcomes for each group. It’s not good enough that all students, no matter their supposed group, have equal chances to succeed. The results must be equalized, and that’s going to require a lot of new programs.

At the University of North Carolina, the “equity” crowd is in complete control. In today’s Martin Center article, Shannon Watkins looks at the ways it is pushing the system for better policies than in the bad old days.

For one thing, UNC is said to have a terrible history of racism and oppression that students need to learn about. Only then, apparently, can all students feel included. The Board has established an “equity task force” to oversee the necessary changes.

Part of the problem, as they see it, is in the student pipeline. Some groups have higher high-school graduation rates than others, and that affects the college population. UNC will try to figure out how to remedy that.

The task force is also going to have sessions devoted to listening to students to find out what they regard as uninclusive.

For many years, UNC was in the grip of the Diversity Mania, but now it’s in the grip of the Equity Mania.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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