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UNC Pushes the PC Envelope

How much can our higher-education leaders get away with when it comes to promoting “correct” leftist views? Evidently, they aren’t worried that anything might go too far, as we can see from the latest spate of requirements at the University of North Carolina. The Martin Center’s Shannon Watkins discusses them in this article. 

She writes that “recent moves by the UNC-Chapel Hill administration of chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz threaten the spirit of free inquiry that is the foundation of the modern Western university. The intent appears to be to make the school’s policies and procedures accord with the beliefs of the radical elements that have been rampaging across American universities and cities in recent times.”

How so? For one thing, every person in the campus community will now have to endure “training” to ensure that he or she thinks the right way about race. This is straight out of Orwell.

The university also signals its righteousness by posting a list of approved resources for becoming an “anti-racist.” Of course, it includes nothing but tendentious stuff like Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility.

Watkins sums up, writing “Whether these actions — the June 11 email, the resource page, the initiative — are mere pandering to the mob or UNC’s top administrators are really that radical is unimportant; what matters is that they are being undertaken with impunity and little resistance from those entrusted with protecting the university. And that the direction of the university has been handed over to people who think these actions are good ideas.”

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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