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Uncommon Knowledge, Ipods, and You

Mucho thanks, Kathryn, for that kind mention on Saturday of the PBS program that I host, Uncommon Knowledge. (And the episode that you caught, in which Ed Meese defended the Patriot Act against the ACLU, amounted to an especially enjoyable dust-up. Courtly and affable though Meese may be, in debate he takes no prisoners.)

Transcripts and streaming video of every single episode of Uncommon Knowledge are available at I invite readers of this happy Corner to witness WFB and Christopher Hitchens debating the Sixties, the spluttering astonishment of yours truly as he listens to Gore Vidal spin out his wild conspiracy theories on Afghanistan and Iraq, and (coming in February) John Podhoretz and Ron Reagan (who shares his father’s charm, but not his father’s politics) wrestling over the policies and character of George W. Bush.

Just this weekend, one Corner reader sent me an e-mail announcing that he downloads Uncommon Knowledge onto his iPod, then listens to it as he drives to and from his office, a habit that I of course applaud…just as long as listening to our show with Arianna Huffington doesn’t cause him to drive into a ditch.

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