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Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson: Professor Russell Muirhead

Politics as understood by Aristotle: An ennobling endeavor, central to all that makes us human. Herewith, an interview with a professor who still holds the Aristotlean view: Russell Muirhead of Dartmouth College.

Proffesor Muirhead struck me as marvelous in a number of ways — I had all but forgotten what it was like to speak to a man who could drop Aristotle and Locke and the Founders into a conversation in a way that demonstrated he had not only mastered them but revered them. He also struck me surprising. He argues that we need more partisanship, not less. And although no conservative, he insisted that even in the Age of Trump the Constitution can constrain the destructive energies our leaders display while eliciting efforts on behalf of the common good.

A conversation with a dazzling mind, a master of the Western Canon of political thought . . . and a patriot.