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UNC’s ‘Common Language’ Advances Leftist Agenda

(Jonathan Drake/Reuters)

The University of North Carolina is not content just to hire faculty who are expert in their fields (yes, a lot of those fields are academically bogus, but put that aside for now), but now insists on “training” them to support the administration’s leftist agenda.

In today’s Martin Center article, Jay Schalin exposes this linguistic deception. He focuses on a memo from system president Kevin Guskiewicz: “Guskiewicz says that his administration is starting a new training program, part of which is to ‘provide our community with a set of common terms.’ The message then informs that “subsequent required training’ scheduled for the summer of 2021 ‘will offer common language to better understand how the world shapes and informs our shared values and experiences and will use an interactive platform to explore such topics as identity, power, privilege, and communication.’“

Of course, the terms “identity, power, privilege, and communication” mean that everyone will be subjected to a Marxist reeducation. UNC wants to radicalize as many faculty members as possible and intimidate dissenters into silence.

“The initial training session,” Schalin writes, “is titled ‘Managing Bias.’ The intent is to teach ‘participants . . . how biases affect their actions and impact others when left unchecked, including creating unhealthy work environments and reinforcing unjust practices.’ Again, this may sound reasonable, until it becomes apparent that, to the academic left, nonconforming opinions are usually due to bias.”

Nobody who gets through our education system to the point of being hired by a university system could possibly have any real “bias” against anyone, but under the new leftist definition, almost everyone has plenty of hidden biases that must be revealed through these kinds of “training.”

Schalin concludes, “Perhaps there is some wiggle room in which a savvy professor can successfully maneuver the minefield of political correctness without destroying his or her career. But that is part of the problem: The new DEI guidelines create the sort of oppressive political environment in which one has to compromise or veil one’s beliefs in order to have high-level employment—the sort of situation that occurs in repressive regimes.”

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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