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Underreported Story of the 2008 Race

Look who’s clearly running for president:

From: Erick Mullen

Sent: Friday, November 10, 2006 2:36 PM

To: Erick Mullen

Subject: General Wesley Clark – Political Activity for 2006 Cycle

General Wesley Clark – Political Activity for 2006 Cycle

Since January of 2005, General Clark has made Democratic success on Election Day 2006 his top political priority.  He established WesPAC Securing America’s Future from which he has spoken on behalf of Democratic candidates and causes.

General Clark briefed Congressional Leaders several times this cycle as part of his effort to assist Democrats in framing both the message and substance of Democratic alternatives to the Administration’s vision.

·                     Senate Chiefs of Staff Luncheon (x2)

·                     House Democratic Caucus (x2)

·                     House Democratic Caucus Retreat (x2)

·                     United States Senate Democratic Caucus Retreat (’06)

·                     Democratic Policy Committee (US Senate) Luncheon (x2)

·                     Joint House and Senate Leadership Briefings (x2)

·                     Rollout of Joint House and Senate “Real Security” Plan at Union Station

·                     House Democrats Rollout of the “New GI Bill”

·                     Gave the National Democratic Radio Address (x2)

 “Is Anyone Doing More for ’06 Candidates Than Wes Clark?” – National Journal’s Hotline

The Clark Community Network has engaged in netroots activities including petitioning, fundraising, research and guidebooks to support campaigns up and down the ballot.  Here is a summary activity:

Online Advocacy Campaigns

·         Stop the “GI Tax” and support GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century (29,919 letters sent)

·         Stop Blaming the Troops — Investigate the Real Culprits of Prisoner Abuse (14,778 signers)

·         Put Ed Schultz on Armed Forces Radio (26,722 letters sent)

o       Ed Schultz placed on Armed Forces Radio following advocacy campaign

·         Demand Body Armor for our Troops (17,331 signers)

·         Support the Consumer Telephone Records Protection Act of 2006 (16,728 letters sent)

·         End the Widow’s Tax (16,948 letters sent)

Fundraising for Candidates:  $1,362,179.94

In-Person Fundraising and  via ActBlue  for 60 candidates

Endorsements:  Total Candidates Endorsed: 96

Candidates/PACs/Organizations For Whom General Clark Traveled:

Bill Nelson for Senate in FL

Bob Gammage for Congress in TX

Brian Moran for VA Delegate

Bruce Braley for Congress in IA

Carol Shea-Porter for Congress in NH

Carolyn Maloney for Congress in NY

Charlie Brown for Congress in CA

Charlie Rangel for Congress in NY

Christine Jennings for Congress in FL

Claire McCaskill for Senate in MO

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Dan Maffei for Congress in NY

Dr. Selden Spencer for Congress in IA

Dr. Victoria Wulsin for Congress in OH

Eric Massa for Congress in NY

Florida Democratic Party

Francine Busby for Congress in CA

Goffstown (NH) Democratic Committee

Harold Ford Jr. for Senate

Harry Mitchell for Congress in AZ

Hawkeye (IA) Labor Convention

Henniker (NH) Democrats

Hubert Vo for Congress in TX House

Iowa Polk County Leaders

Iowa Warren County Democratic Party Dinner

Jack Carter for Senate in NV

Jay Fawcett for Congress in CO

Jill Derby for Congress in NV

Jim Pederson for Senate in AZ

Jim Webb for Senate in VA (in the Primary)

Joe Sestak for Congress in PA

John Cranley for Congress in OH

Jon Tester for Senate in MT

Juan Garcia for TX House

Kentucky Dem Party

Kirsten Gillibrand for Congress in NY

Leonard Boswell for Congress in IA

Lincoln Davis for Congress in TN

Marty Meehan for Congress in MA

Mike Beebe for Arkansas Governor

Mike Weaver for Congress in KY

Nashua (NH) Democrats

Ned Lamont for Senate in CT

Ohio Democratic Party

Patrick Murphy for Congress in PA

Patsy Madrid for Congress in NM

Paul Aronsohn for Congress in NJ

Portsmouth (NH) City Democratic Committee

Ron Kind for Congress in WI

Russ Warner for Congress in CA

Santa Barbara (CA) JJ Dinner

Seabrook (NH) Democrats

Steve Filson for Congress in CA

Tessa Hafen for Congress in NV

Tim Kaine for Virginia Governor

Tim Mahoney for Congress in FL


Will Pryor for Congress in TX

Endorsed Candidates:                

AL-AG John Tyson, Jr.

AL-Agricultural Commissioner Ron Sparks

AL-Gov Lucy Baxley

AL-Lt Gov. Jim Folsom

AR Gov Mike Beebe

AR-03 Woodrow Anderson

AR-HD89 Jim House

AZ-01 Ellen Simon

AZ-03 Herb Paine

AZ-05 Harry Mitchell

AZ-08 Gabrielle Giffords

AZ-SD25 Pat Fleming

AZ-Sen Jim Perderson

CA-03 Bill Durston

CA-04 Charlie Brown

CA-11 Jerry McNerney

CA-46 Jim Brandt

CA-50 Francine Busby

CO-03 John Salazar

CO-04 Angie Paccione

CO-05 Jay Fawcett

CO-06 Bill Winter

CO-07 Ed Perlmutter

CO-SD9 Keely Marrs

CT-04 Diane Farrell

CT-05 Chris Murphy

CT-Sen Ned Lamont

FL-16 Tim Mahoney

GA-01 Rev. Jim Nelson

IA-01 Bruce Braley

IA-03 Leonard Boswell

IA-04 Selden Spencer

IA-Gov Chet Culver

IA-SD25 Daryl Beall

IL-06 Tammy Duckworth

IL-08 Melissa Bean

IL-14 John Laesch

IL-17 Phil Hare

IN-02 Joe Donnelly

KS-02 Nancy Boyda

KY-02 Mike Weaver

MD-06 Andrew Duck

MN-01 Tim Walz

MN-02 Coleen Rowley

MN-06 Patty Wetterling

MN-Sen Amy Klobuchar

MO-Sen Claire McCaskill

MT-Sen Jon Tester

NE-03 Scott Kleeb

NH-01 Carol Shea-Porter

NH-02 Paul Hodes

NH-HD102 Steve Shurtleff 

NH-SD22 Elizabeth Roth 

NJ-05 Paul Aronsohn

NM-01 Patricia Madrid

NV-02 Jill Derby

NV-03 Tessa Hafen

NV-Gov Dina Titus

NV-Sen Jack Carter

NY-13 Stephen Harrison

NY-20 Kirsten Gillibrand

NY-25 Dan Maffei

NY-29 Eric Massa

OH-02 Dr. Victoria Wulsin

OH-04 Rick Siferd

OH-12 Bob Shamansky

OK-04 Hal Spake

OK-05 Dr. David Hunter

OK-HD85 Jennifer Seal

OR-SD10 Paul Evans

PA-07 Joe Sestak

PA-08 Patrick Murphy

PA-10 Chris Carney

TN-07 Bill Morrison

TN-Sen Harold Ford, Jr.

TX-03 Dan Dodd

TX-04 Glenn Melançon

TX-06 David Harris

TX-10 Ted Ankrum

TX-17 Chet Edwards

TX-21 John Courage

TX-22 Nick Lampson

TX-23 Lukin Gillibrand

TX-31 Mary Beth Harrell

TX-32 Will Pryor

TX-Gov Chris Bell

TX-HD32 Juan Garcia

TX-HD42 Richard Raymond

VA-02 Phil Kellam

VA-05 Al Weed

VA-10 Judy Feder

VA-Sen Jim Webb

WA-08 Darcy Burner

WI-Gov/Lt. Gov Jim Doyle and Barbara Lawton

WI-03 Ron Kind

WI-08 Dr. Steve Kagen

WV-02 Mike Callaghan


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