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The Undying Meme

A note of gratitude from a reader:

Dear Jonah,

Despite the other Cornerites moaning about yet another meme about “The Best

Conservative Something-or-other”, I want to thank you for asking for good

conservative fiction. At my college, the usual tripe that the English

department feeds us is of the postmodernist bent and it has had the effect

of turning my off of fiction for some time(I also wanted to spend my reading

time shoring up my conservative roots i.e Kirk, Buckley, subscribing to

National Review, etc.) Now, this troublesome meme has given me some leads to

sniff out some cool, hopefully non-postmodern books. Oh, and I recommend

T.S. Eliot to other conservative readers, with the overall approval of

Russell Kirk. Kirk praised him in his “Enemies of the Permanent Things” for

his search for normative ethics and also called Eliot “the greatest man of

letter of this century”. If you have any more recommendations from other

readers, please send them along. Thank you for your time and keep up the

good work!


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