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I got all excited when my eye fell on this sentence:

As throngs of right-wing crowds gathered…

Unfortunately, it was only for the funeral of “Austrian far-Right leader Jorg Haider”. Still, you gotta love the way these neo-Nazis so effortlessly live up to stereotype:

The Stadtkraemer – which translates to The City Shopkeeper – is a well known haunt for the Klagenfurt gay community and advertises itself on the Internet with the slogan: “Whether old or young, lesbian or gay, the restaurant is always cool…”

Haider headed for the notorious gay establishment after his appearance at a night club, the public prosecutor in Klagenfurt confirmed.

He arrived at a quarter past midnight on Saturday morning, left thirty minutes later and was dead within half-an-hour…He never helped his family man image by turning up at rallies and local events with an entourage of young blond men.

Newspapers in his homeland said they were reluctant to publish “full details” of his homosexuality fearing an outburst of hate towards the gay community would overtake hatred towards foreigners.

Oh, right. So hard to know who to hate first, isn’t it? Meanwhile, Volkswagen is saying his death is nothing to do with their car and hinting at sabotage:

Makers of the VW Phaeton limo he was driving insist their car is one of the safest in the world and should have survived the crash.

VW spokesman Peter Thul claimed that someone with access to Haider’s car key could have manipulated the car’s electrics.

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