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Union Leader & McCain

The Manchester Union Leader endorsed John McCain last week. So I asked their editorial-page editor, Drew Cline, if he thinks McCain could really pull off a turnaround. Here’s his response:

He’s risen to a tie with Rudy for second place in New Hampshire as Romney has been falling, so poll-wise the signs look very good. At least in New Hampshire. I talked to a well-informed reporter last night who’s been covering the NH primary all year. He said McCain is easily the No. 2 choice among Republicans. Polls suggest it’s between Rudy and McCain, but his sense is that it’s solidly McCain, and this guy knows his stuff.

If Romney falls, it looks like McCain is the one NH Republicans will turn to — especially if Guiliani becomes a questionable candidate for ethical or political reasons. The other thing Republicans here who are not connected to the McCain campaign are telling me is that the McCain operation is really top-notch. His staff knows exactly what it’s doing and is laying the groundwork for a victory. The only part left is to convince Republicans that after flirting with the flashy Rudy and Romney they need to come back to solid old John McCain. With so many still undecided, that is not at all out of the question.

It would seem the Union Leader wants Romney to fall.  


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