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Union Tells Governor: ‘NO! NO! NO!’

Gov. Dannel Malloy (D., Conn.) takes a “slightly more intellectual approach” to negotiating with state-employee unions: He asks them for $2 billion in concessions over two years and leaves their collective-bargaining abilities unmolested.

The response — at least from the Connecticut State Prison Employees — is something less than gratitude. CT News Junkie has obtained a copy of AFSCME Local 391’s board-meeting minutes, and they belie the “good faith” the union has promised the Democrat:

2. Contract Negotiations: . . . Stance: Keep what we have, no givebacks! . . .

3. SEBAC Concessions: NO, NO, NO! The members have spoken and we have heard them loud and clear: NO! This is Local’s position, no ifs ands or buts!

4. Legislative Presence: . . . We will stay in our “friends” faces, testify at hearings and meet with Legislators. Our speaking points: we have already given and we are NOT giving more back, period. We will continue to call for the downsizing of management, tax the rich and to keep our prisons open!

Look at what else they considered:

7. Wisconsin Donation: $250.00 donation to the Union fighting to recall politicians who voted to end collective bargaining in their state.

The Capitol can honor Malloy with the “Clint Eastwood Award” for his “empathy and fairness.” But empathy and fairness work only when the other side is willing to listen. 

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