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Krauthammer’s Take: The United Nations ‘Corrupts Everything It Touches’


After excoriating the United Nations recently, Charles Krauthammer fielded a question about how much the U.S. should continue to invest in the U.N. and explained what their actions mean:

This was a blow against Israel, from which it will have a hard time recovering. The Trump administration cannot do it because it requires Security Council action. And that you can’t get without the Chinese and the Russians who will never undo it. The fact is that Americans have to really think about why we still invest, support, and, in a sense sort of psychically invest in the U.N., which was a great idea 70 years ago when it was an idea. But it’s a complete failure, and it’s a farce. Sixty percent of its activity is devoted to reports, attacks, denunciations, and demonization of one state — the one Jewish state on the planet, a dot on the map. For example, you hear about the World Health Organization — it corrupts everything it touches — talking about Israel causing a health crisis within its territories. This is at a time when the Russians are dropping bombs on pediatric hospitals in Syria, where children there were dying, for lack of medicine, lack of food in a siege. And they’re obsessed with Israel. This is really a time when we’re going to have a lot of disruptions, a lot of rethinking of our relationships — the way we are, for example, with Taiwan and China. Time to rethink our devotion, slavish devotion, to an institution that devotes itself to attacking an ally and to undermining American interests.

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