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Univision Report: Dominican Woman Allegedly Involved in Menendez Prostitution Scandal Says She Never Met Him

E-mails provided by tipster Peter Williams to the Daily Caller describe a Dominican woman, Yaneisi Fernandez, who was allegedly involved in the underage prostitution scandal now surrounding New Jersey senator Robert Menendez. Univision tracked down a woman by the name of Yaneisi Fernandez at her home in the Dominican Republic; she says she is not a prostitute and has never met Menendez. You can watch the segment, which aired in Spanish, here. The Daily Caller, however, claims the network interviewed the wrong Yaneisi Fernandez, noting that the e-mails in question “never mention whether Fernandez lives in the Dominican Republic” — some of the women mentioned claimed to live in Miami — and that their reporters found twelve separate American directory listings for women by the name of Yaneisi Fernandez. 


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