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Into The Unknown

This is a venture into what, for a lot of readers, will be

more-than-you-wanted-to-know territory. Those who have a low threshold of

tolerance for personal stuff should definitely go read something else

RIGHT NOW. OK? OK. Now: I have just walked Boris. I have walked him

pretty much every morning for the past 11 years, vacations aside. That’s

close to four thousand walkies with Boris. Almost all walkies occur early

in the morning. I am a lark–I get up at either 5:30 or 6:00, depending on

how busy I am. I scan the newspaper over breakfast. Then I do the

essentials. Then I walk the mutt. Now, as with the rest of you (I imagine)

the essentials go better some days than others. You know what I mean.

Well, when I walk Boris, he does his essentials. And like yours and mine,

his essentials go sometimes well, sometimes not so well. Now here is the

mystery: Boris and I are in sync. When things go well with me, they go

well with him, and vice versa. I have mentally resisted noticing this for a

long time, but after four thousand walkies, the empirical evidence is

overwhelming. There is no doubt. Yet how on earth is this possible? We

sometimes give Boris scraps as a treat, but his diet and mine have really

nothing in common. He eats dog food out of a can, with dry dog food in the

evening. I know Boris has bonded with me deeply, and have told a story

about that here. Can a dog

bond this deeply, though? Where is the science here? A true mystery.

Have any other readers noticed this phenomenon? Is there any scientific

literature on it? How do I even google this?


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