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Unlucky Day

(Sorry, catching up on reader e-mail.) A couple of readers wanted to know

if Sunday was a particularly inauspicious day to Chinese people, being

04-04-04. The word for “four” in Chinese is the same as the word for

“death,” only in a different tone. Four is therefore considered an unlucky


I can’t say I noticed any particular apprehension on Rosie’s part, and

nobody else mentioned it. I do vividly remember 8/8/88, though. The number

8, being the double of a double doubled, and doubleness being always

auspicious, is a very lucky number. At that time, Rosie and I were living

in Manhattan, and Rosie was working for a jewelry store in Chinatown.

Approx. 10,000 new Chinatown businesses chose that day to open their stores.


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