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Unnecessary Commentary

So Osama bin Laden weighs in on Gaza, calling for jihad, criticizing Arab states for playing footsie with Israel, and so forth. And of course it is “news” because this is bin Laden, who hasn’t done much recently but who is still the embodiment of evil, and who occasionally demonstrates he is still alive. It is pathetic that the only way he can show the world he exists is by releasing occasional taped statements on events he is really not involved with and cannot influence. He is like a color commentator who has long since left the game and only states the obvious when on screen, but whose previous track record and personality keeps him bankable; and who knows, maybe someday he’ll do something memorable again. Meanwhile it’s jihad this, ummah that, Al Aqsa and the other thing — it’s a shame we haven’t been able to terminate his contract.


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