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Unnerved by Natalists

If the essence of blue-statism could be distilled into a single column, it’d probably be this one by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Mark Morford.

The guy has come completely undone by the Arkansas couple, the Duggars, who just had their 16th child. Writes the apoplectic Morford, “Why is having a stadiumful of offspring still seen as some sort of happy joyous thingYou already know why. It is the Biggest Reason of All. Children are, after all, God’s little gifts. Kids are little blessings from the Lord, the Almighty’s own screaming spitballs of joy.”

(He also calls these children a “massive brood of cookie-cutter Christian kidbots” and “über-white future Wal-Mart shoppers,” and adds, “Note to Michelle Duggar: If God wanted you to have a massive pile of children, she’d have given your uterus a hydraulic pump and a revolving door. Stop it now.”

What if a conservative columnist had written exactly that addressed to a black welfare mother? They would have been calling for him to be fired.) Ross Douthat picks up on the hysterical anxiety in the Morford piece: the quite realistic fear that the Right is outbreeding the Left. Indeed, Philip Longman in “The Empty Cradle” expressed the same concern, though without the rather startling bigotry of Mark Morford. Hey Peter Robinson, you with the five chirren, put this on the back of your SUV and drive back and forth in front of Mark Morford’s house, with the kids hanging out taunting him!

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