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An Unofficial Convention Wrap-up

After enduring two weeks of Midwestern charm, I’m back in the loving arms of New York City. This means it’s time for a convention wrap-up. First up, the Red Meat Finale:

And — look! — some pictures:

MSNBC’s booth right next to Al Jazeera’s. Think RNC planners did this intentionally?

The RNC convention hall looking noticeably simpler than the DNC’s.


Setting the stage for Palin.



Mike Huckabee, before heading to Talk Radio Row.


Joe Scarborough at the RNC, undoubtedly discussing a new contract with CBS.

And here are some DNC photos:



Our esteemed editor, embracing change.



Beautiful: the DNC convention hall.

The Pepsi Center.

“The Captain” (Morgan), with protection.


Very Important: Broken Sprinklers Waste Water.


Fitting: one of the first things seen upon arriving at the Pepsi Center.

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